Masonry As An Investment

By the most of us, investment has to do with money or its equivalent, but a Mason writes in an English magazine about “Masonry as an Investment.”

“You cannot buy Masonry, no man ever did or ever will. You do not buy it when you pay your fees or dues, you simply gain by these opportunities to get Masonry. Where is your investment then, you ask. Let me tell you.

If you become a Mason you put into Masonry more than money, more than anything you have or possess, that you measure by pounds or shillings, you put your life into it. Unless you can and do put your life into it, unless you let Masonry direct your life, you have no investment, you get little or nothing from Masonry.

“Life is in constant conflict between good and evil. Masonry aids the Mason to choose the good rather than the evil. Dominating the Mason’s life Masonry creates the habit of choosing the good, with the result that it helps him to develop character. You may have wealth and put your money in to paying propositions but you can make no investment that will pay you greater dividends than Masonry will if you make Masonic effort to build character.

Words to Live By:

I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man. ~George Washington

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