Message from the Wise Master – October 2018

Happy October Brethren,

Our Valley was very busy last month. Besides our regular Stated Meeting we held our Fall Reunion Class and our Super Breakfast. These events all went well thanks to your support. I want to thank each of you for the investment of some of your precious free time to help our Valley to grow.

Speaking of our Reunion Class, I still have pleasant memories of my class in 2015. I always wanted to express how thankful I was to the degree teams for their effort. Their work has greatly influenced me and helped make me a better person. They built me a “bridge to light” and afterwards wanted to pass that light on to our new members. This desire is why I immediately joined our degree team.

My Brothers think about how much effort the degree teams put in to make our degrees first-class. Think about how hard they have worked, and will continue to work, to give our candidates the very best performance. Remember that each of them have jobs, families, and other important obligations to take care of as all of us do and yet they still give of their time to our degree teams, the valley, and our members.

Next time we gather please take a moment to thank them for all of their hard work. Remember also that they can always use some additional help so, please let the team members know if you are interested in assisting with our degrees. Your participation will not only help our degree teams but it will also help you to obtain a better understanding of masonry and strengthen our Valley as well.


Yungfan “Philip” Liu, 32º
Wise Master