Greetings Brothers! 

As the spring and summer outdoor grilling season is upon us, it’s a good time to think of contributing to our Valley recycling program. Just bring those empty bottles and cans, separated and tied in plastic bags, to our Stated Meeting Mondays and drop in the col-lection barrel at the entrance to the DeMolay Center. A special home pickup may be ar-raigned in advance if necessary. Plastic water bottles, aluminum cans & beer bottles (no wine bottles) donations have earned our Valley approximately $1,000 annually. These funds go to the operation budget of our Valley. 

Kind regards, 

David Price, 32ᵒ KCCH 

Message from the Commander – November 2018


Whenever I finish working on a Super Breakfast I always have the same reflection.  The reflection on how fun it is to work with a group of guys on a project and achieve good results.  The Commander is responsible for organizing the event, but it is really the Team of Brothers that makes this a success.  At the end of the Super Breakfast I went home with a big smile, grateful for the time I spent with the Brothers and families.

I think we all recognize that Teamwork in business is crucial.  Colleagues must work together and try their best for the business to succeed.  In the Lodge, teamwork is just as important for us to enjoy the Masonic experience.  In other words, the enjoyment we might receive from attending Lodge will be improved by the strength of our Team.  We all need to bring our individual skills, talents and constructive feedback to the Lodge, so our Fraternity can grow and prosper.

The November Stated Meeting should be considered a must attend for everyone.  We are welcoming some new Brothers to the OC Scottish Rite Valley as well as some other ceremonies.  I hope everyone is able to attend and remembers to RSVP to the office.

David Frias, 32°

Message from the Commander – October 2018


Leadership — This seems like a good topic since our Valley has seen a lot of Leadership changes this past month. Hon. Frankie Rosario 32° KCCH is the new PR for our Valley and Bro. Jamie Hopkins 32° is the new General Secretary. Both of these brothers will work very hard to help keep our Valley strong. We should commend them on accepting the challenge of being leaders.

The Center for Creative Leadership lists the following ten traits of a good leader. How does this match up with what you look for in a good leader?

  • Honesty
  • Sense of humor
  • Positive attitude
  • Intuition
  • Ability to delegate
  • Confidence Creativity
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Ability to inspire

I do know that in order for our Valley to grow and prosper, our leaders will need the support of all of our Brothers. We need to commit to our actions and see them through to the finish. We need to hold ourselves to the same standards that we expect from our leaders. If you agree with these ten leadership traits, then look yourself in the mirror and accept the challenge to see improvement where you might have weaknesses.

Many Thanks to Ill. Rick Wood 33° and Ill, Bob McNamara 33° for all the leadership you have given to our Valley these past years!


David Frias, 32°