Language Center News

Hello from the OC Childhood Language Center. 

Portrait of David Frias, OC Language Center Chairman

As summer is right around the corner our Chap-man student clinicians are back in the Center helping the children of Santa Ana overcome their speech and language challenges. With each change of Semester at Chapman University we receive a new group of student clinicians who are eager to start helping children and families. To ensure we provide the best services possible we always have a fully licensed Speech Language Pathologist in the center to supervise the daily activities and help chart the best course of therapy. 

Our Orange County Valley is keeping up a long Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction tradition of helping our community by providing a childhood language center. There is a huge list of Scottish Rite Centers helping children throughout all the states in the Southern Jurisdiction. 

Some states like Alabama & Mississippi are focused on helping children with dyslexia and many states are focused on speech language therapy like the state of California. 

There are a wide variety of names being used with most Centers using some version of Language Center or Learning Center all under the RiteCare umbrella. I know that I’m very proud of the Members in the OC Valley for the strong support they give to the Orange County 

Childhood Language Center (OCCLC). By providing free therapy to these children we are changing their lives and opening up a new world of possibilities. 

Recently the Board of Directories for our CLC celebrated a long-awaited milestone by accumulating 60 months of operating reserves in our investment account that is managed by the California Scottish Rite Foundation. Brother Frankie Rosario 32° KCCH established this goal dur-ing his years of Presidency and he continued to help us achieve this great accomplishment as the PR. This means that our CLC will have the financial sta-bility to survive long into the future through good years and bad. 

As you may know the CLC is looking for a new home because the building on French street is up for sale. This means the Scottish Rite Office and the CLC will need to move soon. We are trying to find an office space that we can share and still be located in Santa Ana. A Realtor is helping us to review of-fice space that is for lease and we are currently pursuing some strong leads. 

Save the Date! 

Saturday September 7 is the date for the Gala Fundraising Dinner to benefit the Orange County Childhood Language Center. This year we have selected the Highway 39 Event Venue in Anaheim with its classic car collection to host our event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. More information will be available soon! 

Sincerely yours, David Frias, 32° President, OC CLC Board of Directors 

Language Center News – November 2018

Hello from the OC Childhood Language Center  where we remain focused on helping children become strong communicators.    

The Orange County Childhood Language Center building in Santa Ana, CA
The Orange County Childhood Language Center building in Santa Ana, CA

The CLC reopened on September 25th after the summer break.  The reopening was delayed due to some water damage caused by a leaky pipe in the upstairs unit.  The building owners worked closely with the CLC to assess the damage and quickly repair the center, so the children could return.  Everyone is excited to have the children back at CLC, so they could continue the journey to becoming strong communicators.  We are so grateful for our new friend Melody for all the help and supports she has provided during this time.

We have over 50 children enrolled at the CLC and are scheduling evaluations to see who else can benefit from our award winning services.

Bright Smiles for the Children

Happy children display their new dental hygiene products (toothbrushes, in this case); gifts from the Orange County Childhood Language Center.
Happy children display their new dental hygiene products (toothbrushes, in this case); gifts from the Orange County Childhood Language Center.

It has become a tradition for Honorable Frankie Rosario 32° KCCH and his wife Cristi Shinn to provide backpacks and school supplies to the children at the CLC.  They generously search for just the right items that are needed to start the school year right.

This year Frankie & Cristi took this effort to a new level by adding dental hygiene supplies to the list.  Brother Frankie has learned that some families need help with basic dental hygiene supplies that can promote good oral health.

 The American Dental Association recommends everyone should brush their teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, a cleaning between your teeth once a day with floss and replacing your toothbrush every three or four months.

We look forward to bringing more great news to you from our CLC in the coming months.

David Frias, 32°
Chairman, President of the Board of Directors
Orange County Childhood Language Center

News from the Language Center – October 2018

Hello from the OC Childhood Language Center.

After a well-deserved break, the center is once again open and ready to provide services. Preparing for this process requires coordination between the supervi-sors and the staff.

Ready to do more

At the center, we love when the phone rings because we know that with every call we are one step closer to helping a child overcome their speech challenges. With the start of the new school year at Chap-man University, we welcomed back “seasoned” SLP supervisors and Graduate students who will be con-ducting therapy sessions and evaluations. Our children are also happy to come back, as they love their clinicians and know they will receive the help they need to improve their speech.

Backpacks and Supplies

We are thrilled to report that our ongoing contributor has once again committed to providing the Language Center with backpacks and all the age appropriate school supplies required to help kids whose family are unable to afford these expenses. We are certain that the children being helped will benefit greatly from receiving these backpacks full of supplies. Please stand by for pictures of our children receiving their gift next month.

Fun things you can do to help

Reading aloud is a critical tool in language development that takes place even before a child can talk. Hearing sound to word connections and word to picture relationships helps the language and thinking areas of the brain to develop. It also builds a bond of fun, curiosity, and motivation between the child and their parents, grandparents and other reading partners. Children who are read to hear new words and build both the understanding of word meanings and the ability to use words themselves.

You may not see the immediate effect, but research shows that long-term results in language development and reading skills are evidenced.

At the Orange County Childhood Language Center, reading books is an important part of therapy and enjoyment between children and their student clinicians.

Speech & Language Therapy is Crucial

Reading and literacy skills significantly aid in communication. When you can spell, you can communicate freely. Teaching these essential skills at the Center is key to better communication. Appropriate pragmatic/social skills are also a key component to interacting with others in their community and life.

When you have limited, or have no function-al speech, pragmatic language skills are often significantly delayed and disordered. As humans, we communicate with a total communication approach. We communicate via speech, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, writing, typing and many other forms of communication.

Our speech language pathologists often teach our clients how to communicate in other ways, all to increase confidence and with time, allow our kids to overcome their challenge and graduate from our pro-gram.

Thank you

At the Center we receive donations for sup-plies, water, etc., but you should know that we are also very appreciative of your financial contributions, as it keeps the center open and providing services to our children.

Please remember, our duty is to provide those without a voice, a way to communicate, so please help us bring the gift of voice to our children.

David Frias, 32°
Chairman, President of the Board of Directors
Orange County Childhood Language Center

Language Center News, March 2013

The following Brethren have sent donations to the Santa Ana Childhood Language Center with their 2013 dues. We thank you for your kindness and dedication.

  • Charles Crusinberry
  • Roger Murray
  • Richard Sappington
  • Mark Neiman
  • Merritt Read
  • David Robinson
  • Jerre Reid
  • Joe Stout
  • Neil Simmons
  • Elwin Wolcott
  • Dr. Charles Maier
  • David Hunter
  • Floyd Reid
  • Jack Beers
  • Eric Dalness
  • Richard Wood
  • Robert Strange
  • Harvey Riebel
  • Jamieson Hopkins
  • Robert Lamb
  • John Toon
  • Wilbert Smith
  • Harold Schultz
  • Darrel Bush
  • Bob McNamara
  • Tom Blood
  • Steven Frogue
  • Okan Hemseri
  • Michael Gowder
  • Bruce Mattern
  • William Refice, Jr.
  • James Segerstrom
  • Ed Hilden
  • Art Paris
  • John Woodward
  • J.W. Gromme, Jr.
  • Roger Christensen
  • Aaron Blackman
  • Jerome Heyl
  • John Elwell
  • Jon Davis, Jr.
  • Charles Reeves
  • J. Norman Smith
  • Walter Moore, Jr.
  • Thomas Hafeli
  • John Gearhart
  • Maxwell Roth
  • Jo Pat Williams
  • Stephen Horvat
  • Thomas Orbison
  • James Lenon, Jr.
  • Forrest Werner, Jr.
  • Jarrold Petraborg
  • R. Martin Pylman
  • Ron Schemm
  • Daren Gress

Operation Backpack Update

My Brothers,

Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to provide each child attending the Language Center with a very nice backpack, full of the “right” grade-appropriate supplies to help them thrive academically.

My personal thanks to Venerable Master, brother Bob McNamara, Asst. Personal Representative, Illustrious brother Rich-ard Wood, Illustrious brother Wayne Butterbo, brothers David Frias and family, Andrew Todd, Daniel Willerton, James McCallion, Jamie Hopkins, Daren Gress, Jim Nyfer, Thomas Olsen, and my extraordinary wife, for their generosity and support.

The “stuff the backpack” event held at our home was a total success! Together we assembled 56 backpacks, which were formally presented to the Language Center on Thursday August 30th.

As you can see, our children received their Rite Backpacks with great smiles!

I would like to share with you some of the statements made by our children and their families, in a beautiful book presented to the Scottish Rite during our Language Center appreciation dinner, which took place on Monday October 1st, at the DeMolay Center in Anaheim.

Esther’s family wrote:

We are so thankful for your donation! Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the use of the school supplies. It was enough to share among my sister and brother.

Katie’s family wrote:

Scottish Rite, Valley of Santa Ana, thank you for your kindness and generosity. Katie was thrilled to receive one of the your Operation Backpacks. It truly made her feel special. There are so many school supplies to keep her love of learning thriving for a very long time. Here smile says it all! Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

The Nevine family wrote:

My family and I would just like to take a moment and thank you for your generous donation. My daughter Rachel was able to receive a beautiful backpack for school thanks to your generous donations. She was in desperate need for one as school recently started but we were unable to provide one for her. Once again, we give our heart-felt and sincere thank you for your philanthropy.

Brothers, this is the impact we make in the lives of our children. The Language Center is our Philanthropy, so let’s continue our work, as after all, this is what masons know how to do best!

If you missed out on this great opportunity, get ready, Operation The Rite Christmas is coming next! As I mentioned earlier, the “Rite” is here to stay!

Fraternally yours,
Frankie Rosario, 32°
Wise Master

Operation The Rite Christmas

My Brothers and Ladies,

Just a quick word to thank everyone who participated in the Operation The Rite Christmas’s event for your generosity and time. The event hosted on Saturday November 17th was a total success! Together we wrapped over 60 gifts for the children of the Language Center, so Mr. Santa Claus could distribute them on Monday December 3rd, during the Scottish Rite Holiday Dinner. We are certain these gifts will uplift the spirits of every child attending the Language Center during this very special holiday season. Once gain, thank you for being part of this very special event and for making a difference in the life of our Language Center children.

Once gain, thank you for being part of this very special event and for making a difference in the life of our Language Center children.

If you missed this event don’t worry, another “Rite” operation will come soon! As I say, the Rite is here to stay!

Fraternally yours,
Frankie Rosario, 32°
Wise Master

Santa Ana Scottish Rite – Making a Difference in the Community! Helping Children Communicate!

We had some very rewarding and successful projects this Fall.

“Back to School – Project Backpack” brought smiles to the 57 children (and their parents) who re-ceived brand new backpacks stuffed with school supplies. Many parents and children expressed their thanks with pictures, notes and cards. Some of our children were amazed that this was truly “mine to keep?”
Many thanks to Frankie Rosario and his team who managed this daunting shopping and stuffing task and it’s personal delivery!

Halloween – brought many princesses, fairies, pirates, and ghosts to our Center. The happy faces of our children and their parents dressed in their costumes brought many smiles, candy and photo ops – espe-cially with our well-dressed staff. Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween are not easy to say – but some parents heard it for the first time!

Center supporters and Board members organized and held a fun and successful golf tournament. For golfers and friends, there is good fun and good cheer after the tournament. The bountiful buffet dinner was delicious. The raffle was great fun. The donated prizes were a reflection of the long hours put in by volunteers canvassing our communities and businesses. If you were not able to participate this time, put it on your calendar for next year. And… our anonymous donor made it possible to continue our mission. Thank you! Thank you!

Our family Holiday Dinner and Santa visit (with bake sale and raffle) will be a night of wonderment and awe for our children and their families. Several families have made new friends as they wait for their children. We encourage our children to “use their words” of polite social language as they meet each other.

2012 Scottish Rite Golf Tournament

We all know that the Language Center is our Scottish Rite Philanthropy. I’m sure you also know that the major source of funding for the Center is our Annual Scottish Rite Golf Tournament, which is coming up again this October! The Tournament will be held October 29, 2012, at Aliso Viejo Golf Club, and will be the same format as in previous years – a shotgun start, scramble (best ball) tournament. As always, there will be plenty of prizes, and many opportunities to win great gifts!

We do hear, each year, folks saying that can’t help because they don’t golf – but nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, you can help without golfing – come on down and help, volunteer, participate, meet the many guests. We have a great dinner afterward, and you can participate by attending that, and participating in the silent auction and opportunity drawing! So yes, you can be an important part of supporting our Center!

Also, do you own a business? Have a friend who does? Do you do business with a business? Well, get them on board, to help support this important charity! We’ll have a number of participating restaurants, and we can always use more donors… so do your part and recruit supporters and sponsors, as well as golfers!

Here’s the details:

October 29, 2012
Aliso Viejo Golf Club
10:00 am check in
$185 per golfer
(that includes green fees, lunch, dinner, range balls and cart, as well as tee gifts and more food & beverage on the course!)

Dinner will follow – and if you have questions, ask any Center board member – Pete Jantz, Bob MacNamara, Dave Price, or Ralph Shelton. You can always email Ralph at

We look forward to another fabulous tournament, and another great year for our Center!

Ralph Shelton, 32°
KCCH President

What’s New at the Language Center

The “Barry the Pig” project for the Language Center headed by Dave Price, 32° KCCH is becoming very successful. So far, over a thousand dollars have been collected and deposited. It really is a simple concept. Everyone has change that they need to put somewhere and Berry the Pig is a perfect place.

Our Language Center has Barry placed in many areas and the kids and their parents donate generously. The kids especially like to put coins in Barry to see his tail wag. Two of our kids wanted to contribute to the Language Center as a thank you for their training and went home and emptied their personal piggy banks into Barry the Pig. They are Logan and Miguel and are pictured below.

These two kids really gave all they had. We hope this will be an example to our Val-ley members to give some as the work the Language Center provides is exceptional.

Barry the Pig!

Allow me to introduce, Barry… the Pig. Barry is the new fundraiser of your Childhood Language Center. You can get your own Barry at the Scottish Rite Office (see Bros. Bill or Bob) or at our Stated Meetings (see Bro. Dave) just note your name, phone number and number of Pigs taken.

You may take Barry home with you, or to your place of work , or wherever pocket change is plenty. Just drop those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters into Barry and watch his tail wag! Barry accommodates folding money too…

Once Barry is full, just take him to the SR Office or Stated Meeting and exchange him for another. Upon each exchange of a full pig, you will receiv e an entry into a drawing for a beautiful gourmet gift basket. The basket contains various wines, cheeses, crackers, olives and other goodies. The more pigs filled and exchanged, the more opportunities to win.

Barry, the Pig donations are tax deductible 501c(3).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

David Price, 32° KCCH
aka Pig Czar
714 289-2555