Orange County Valley Century Club

Santa Ana Valley Century ClubThe Century Club is a support group formed to help the Valley with operating expenses. Membership is available for a donation of $100 per year and we’ve budgeted 25 members annually. We have special lapel pins available for members that have joined not only this year, but in previous years. There are three different levels and colors for the pins: a bronze pin for a $100 donation, a silver pin for a cumulative $500 donation and a gold pin for a cumulative $1000 donation.

Your membership in the Century Club goes a long way toward supporting our Valley. If you are not already a member, please consider joining and helping us achieve — and surpass — our annual goal of 25 members!

Current Century Club Members

  • David Bates
  • Ray Godeke
  • Pete Jantz
  • Glen Woody
  • Robert McNamara
  • James McCallion
  • George Morton
  • Art Salazar
  • Darrell Brawley
  • David Kussman
  • Roy Murdock
  • Neil Simmons
  • Elwin Wolcott
  • Bob Hjorth
  • John Rider
  • Kevin Hyder

Thank you, my Brothers, for supporting our Valley!

Jaime Hopkins, 32°
General Secretary