Frequently Asked Questions for Members

Q: How much are dues?

A: Dues for the Orange County Scottish Rite are $105 per year, payable by December 31st of each year and are delinquent after that date. Please send your check made payable to – Orange County  Scottish Rite Bodies – to:

The Orange County Scottish Rite
2001 East 4th Street, Suite 202
Santa Ana, CA 92705

If you have any questions, please call the office at (714) 543-7277.

Q: How can I get a lifetime membership?

A: You can purchase a Life Membership in the Valley of Orange County; the cost to do so is based on your age as follows:

Under age 49, 21 times annual dues of $105.00 = $2,205.00;

50 to 54 inclusive, 19 times annual dues of $105.00 = $1,995.00;

55 to 59 inclusive, 17 times annual dues of $105.00 = $1,785.00;

60 to 64 inclusive, 14 times annual dues of $105.00 = $1,470.00; and

65 and over, 11 times annual dues of $105.00 = $1,155.00

If you are interested in purchasing your Life Membership, send your check made payable to – Orange County Scottish Rite Bodies – in the amount determined above with “Life Membership” written in the memo line to:

The Orange County Scottish Rite
2001 East 4th Street, Suite 202
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Please note that you must be current on your dues to be eligible to purchase a Life Membership. If you’re not sure if you’ve paid your 2011 dues then please contact our General Secretary.

Q: Are dues cards required to attend meetings?

A: Yes. Dues cards will be checked prior to each stated meeting.

Q: I’d like to get involved with our degree work? What do I need to do?

A: To get involved contact James Olivier 32° KCCH at

Q: What is the “Century Club,” and how do I get involved?

A: The Century Club is a support group formed to help the Valley with operating expenses. Membership is available for a donation of $100 per year. For more information, please visit the Century Club page.

Q: I know of a brother who is ailing and want to let others in the fraternity know. Who should I contact?

A: If any brother knows of another brother that is ailing, please let us know by calling our Hospitaler Illustrious Lloyd Clayton 33° at  (714) 998-7773.