Personal Representative

Greetings my brothers

As you all know, our Valley hosted a wonderful event for our ladies, families and friends, on March 23rd, at the DeMolay Center. This was our very first Ladies’ event and the theme was Digi-tal and Traditional Scrapbooking. Everyone came to have a great time and work on memorializing their most special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, vacations and more. To help our ladies, experienced instructors were available with materials and ideas, all to make our scrapbook-ers achieve great results. 

Our organizer for this event brought everyone up to date with the latest techniques and information on what is hap-pening in the scrapbooking world. It certainly was a treat for all of us in attendance. 

For everyone who loves scrapbooking as much as our ladies do, one of their favorite things is to get together with their friends and work on their invaluable books. Social interaction, artistic inspiration, and friendly collaboration, as well as a time to be productive, was all part of this great experience. 

The nature of scrapbooking is usually a lengthy process. The effort of plan-ning and packing up your supplies works only if you get a chance at a large block of uninterrupted scrap time, which we were able to provide to our ladies. And to make things even better, we had tables where die-cut machines, Cricuts, and other larger tools were available for use during the event. 

Each lady was able to work on her albums, but no gathering is complete without a nice place and some kind of food. So, we took the opportunity to pamper our ladies with a large and comfortable environment, a nice lunch and enjoyable dinner. 

If your lady missed this event, have no worries, as we are planning another day full of fun in October. More information will follow soon. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call. 

Fraternally yours, 

Frankie Rosario, 32° K.C.C.H. 
Personal Representative of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in California 

General Secretary


Portrait of Jamie Hopkins, 32°

May was a busy month in our Valley. Our May Stated Meeting was an overwhelm-ing success. Our own Mike Selix 32° KCCH made an outstanding presentation on the El Bekal Shrine after dinner. Brother Arturo Covarrubias 32° gave us a fascinating presenta-tion on Freemasonry in Mexico. This was the first speaker in our new series organized by Brother Andrew Todd 32°. Look for another speaker to be announced for our September Stated Meeting. 

We have our Fall Reunion coming up in October. Please talk up our dynamic Valley with your Blue Lodge Brothers. Petitions for membership are available on our Scottish Rite of Orange County web-site. Also, we have petitions at the OCSR office that we can provide to you. New members are the life-blood of our Valley and our fraternity. If every member of our Valley speaks to several Master Masons at their Lodge meeting about the rewards of Orange County Valley membership, we can easily have a Reun-ion class of 10 or more candidates in the fall. 

Our June 3rd Stated Meeting will be followed with our Cap & Ring Ceremony for our new Masters of the Royal Secret. Please stay for dinner after the meeting and support our new Brothers at our ceremo-ny. Enjoy your summer. 


Jamie Hopkins 32° 
General Secretary 


Greetings Brothers 

Portrait of Mark Hoage

If you missed the Guest Speaker last month you missed a fantastic presentation. I did not know what to expect from this but I was pleasantly surprised. Make sure you don’t miss the next one. 

Please let me know if you or someone you know has an interesting article to in-clude, we need new material. Remember the publication deadline each month is the 15th so let’s hear from you authors out there. 

Send all submissions to:


Mark Hoage, 32° 

Venerable Master

Fraternal Greetings 

The summer is knocking at our door and with that comes the celebration of St. John the Baptist Day on June 24th. As we are all taught in the first degree, lodges are dedicated to the Holy Saints John. It was also on St. John the Baptist day in 1717 that the Grand Lodge of England was formed and the modern era of Freemasonry was begun. The summer solstice represents the sun at its highest point and also, like the Baptist, signals a beginning. Where the Evangelist and the Winter Solstice represent endings. We see this theme con-stantly in Masonry of alternating beginning and endings. I encourage each of you to contemplate and meditate on this principle. 

I want to thank our Bro. Andrew Todd for organizing the speaking event we had at the last stated meeting. It was very informative and fascinating to get a glimpse into Masonry across our southern bor-der. 

So, with June, let us focus on new beginnings. We need you to talk with your brothers at your blue lodge seek out new candidates to join our ranks at the Scottish Rite. Our Fall reunion will be upon us in a few months. Remember why you made that choice of your own free will and accord. If we haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while, come on down. It is an opportunity for new beginnings. 


Mike Gowder, 32°, KCCH
Venerable Master 
Orange County Lodge of Perfection 

Senior Warden

April showers bring May flowers… and then… June gloom? Never! 

This month we start our adventure into education with Bro. Andrew Todd taking the lead after a very successful educational talk last month. I am on hand before every meeting to help all of you in your studies as you take on the Master Craftsman programs! Whether you’re starting out or have finished a course or two, please see me for any questions that might arise. So brush away that June gloom with a little Light as we learn and increase our knowledge in this wonderful craft of ours! 

James Cervantes, 32º 
Senior Warden – Lodge of Perfection 
Director of The Work 

Wise Master


Portrait of Sean McCuen, 32°

June stated was our cap and ring ceremony. What an excellent opportunity to make those first impressions on new members, by showing support through attending the event. There are not very many times in life where the simple act of being physically present can have such an impact. As a Valley we come together and help instill a sense of gravity and importance on the new Brothers. An attitude of gratitude for these Brothers joining our ranks helps them realize the importance of the organization they have joined. I ask all Brothers to please pay close attention to upcoming events and set aside time to attend. 


Sean McCuen, 32° 
Wise Master 

Master of Kadosh

Greetings Brethren, 

Portrait of Jeff Kimble, 32°

I would like to start by reminding the brothers, that at the June stated meeting we will be holding the Cap and Ring Ceremony. I would encourage all the brethren to attend and welcome our 6 new members and show your support for our valley. “Summer is not ob-ligatory. We can start an infernally hard jigsaw puzzle in June with the knowledge that, if there are enough rainy days, we may just finish it by Labor Day, but if not, there’s no harm, no penalty. We may have better things to do.” – Nancy Gibbs 

I would just like to touch on this topic of the Knights of St. Andrew (KSA). For those brothers who do not know what the KSA is or does. They do the little things around the valley from cleaning up after stated meetings to helping at Reunion classes to just overall service to the Valley. Brother Frias was elect-ed as our First Knight. I am the Secretary of the Knights, so I would just like to extend a warm welcome to those brothers who may be interested or would like to return. Please feel free to reach out to me or Bro. Frias about how to become a member or how to get involved again and we can provide further details or answers to any questions, you may present to us. I will be mentioning this message on the KSA each month. 

“It is again fortunate from this point of view that the old symbolists who gave us the things which they classified as veils of allegory and the imagery of the High Grades left, as I have said, no key to their real meaning. The reason is that their personal understanding—supposing it to have emerged clearly—would no doubt have been of consequence in their own day but without appeal in ours, and yet we should be bound thereto. As it is, the field is free before us within the measures offered by the veils, their metaphysi-cal matter and texture. The dead school of Masonry will continue while it lasts to affirm that there is noth-ing behind them, but the dead school will pass and give place to a living Masonry, which is already in the world and is breathing its own spirit into the outward forms.” 

Arthur Edward Waite, The Lost Word Its Hidden Meaning: A Correlation of the Allegory and Symbolism of the Bible with That of Freemasonry and an Exposition of the Secret Doctrine 

Sincerely and Fraternally, 

Jeff Kimble, 32° 
Master of Kadosh 


Greetings Brothers! 

As the spring and summer outdoor grilling season is upon us, it’s a good time to think of contributing to our Valley recycling program. Just bring those empty bottles and cans, separated and tied in plastic bags, to our Stated Meeting Mondays and drop in the col-lection barrel at the entrance to the DeMolay Center. A special home pickup may be ar-raigned in advance if necessary. Plastic water bottles, aluminum cans & beer bottles (no wine bottles) donations have earned our Valley approximately $1,000 annually. These funds go to the operation budget of our Valley. 

Kind regards, 

David Price, 32ᵒ KCCH 

Director of Masonic Education

Greetings, brothers. 

Andrew Todd profile photo

Our first Distinguished Speaker event was a huge success! Many thanks to Worshipful Bro. Arturo Sevilla Covarrubias for his en-lightening talk on masonry in Mexico. 

Bro. Sevilla Covarrubias spent the better part of an hour discussing the history, similarities, and differ-ences of the Craft as it originally existed and exists now in Mexico. The talk was stimulating and the presentation en-gaging. After the talk our Valley presented gifts as a thank-you for taking the time to speak to us. 

For those of you that missed it, you can watch a recording of the entire presentation on the OC Scottish Rite website: 

Left to right: Sir Mike Selix, 32; VM Hon. Mike Gowder 32° KCCH; Wor. Bro. Arturo Sevilla Covarrubias, and PR Hon. Frankie Rosario, 32° KCCH

Special thanks also go to Ill. Bro. Art Salazar and Hon. Bro. Frankie Rosario for their assistance with this event. Stay tuned for our next Distinguished Speaker event, which we are currently organizing for later this year. 

On a related note: The Orange County Scottish Rite Valley is creating a Master Craftsman Study Group. This is your opportunity to enhance your understanding of the Craft, its degrees, and esoterica; and a chance to participate in true Masonic scholarship with your brothers. 

Classes will begin Monday, July 1st at 5:30pm. If you’d like more information or are interested in joining us, please contact me directly at

Andrew Todd, 32°
Director of Masonic Education
Orange County Scottish Rite 

Language Center News

Hello from the OC Childhood Language Center. 

Portrait of David Frias, OC Language Center Chairman

As summer is right around the corner our Chap-man student clinicians are back in the Center helping the children of Santa Ana overcome their speech and language challenges. With each change of Semester at Chapman University we receive a new group of student clinicians who are eager to start helping children and families. To ensure we provide the best services possible we always have a fully licensed Speech Language Pathologist in the center to supervise the daily activities and help chart the best course of therapy. 

Our Orange County Valley is keeping up a long Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction tradition of helping our community by providing a childhood language center. There is a huge list of Scottish Rite Centers helping children throughout all the states in the Southern Jurisdiction. 

Some states like Alabama & Mississippi are focused on helping children with dyslexia and many states are focused on speech language therapy like the state of California. 

There are a wide variety of names being used with most Centers using some version of Language Center or Learning Center all under the RiteCare umbrella. I know that I’m very proud of the Members in the OC Valley for the strong support they give to the Orange County 

Childhood Language Center (OCCLC). By providing free therapy to these children we are changing their lives and opening up a new world of possibilities. 

Recently the Board of Directories for our CLC celebrated a long-awaited milestone by accumulating 60 months of operating reserves in our investment account that is managed by the California Scottish Rite Foundation. Brother Frankie Rosario 32° KCCH established this goal dur-ing his years of Presidency and he continued to help us achieve this great accomplishment as the PR. This means that our CLC will have the financial sta-bility to survive long into the future through good years and bad. 

As you may know the CLC is looking for a new home because the building on French street is up for sale. This means the Scottish Rite Office and the CLC will need to move soon. We are trying to find an office space that we can share and still be located in Santa Ana. A Realtor is helping us to review of-fice space that is for lease and we are currently pursuing some strong leads. 

Save the Date! 

Saturday September 7 is the date for the Gala Fundraising Dinner to benefit the Orange County Childhood Language Center. This year we have selected the Highway 39 Event Venue in Anaheim with its classic car collection to host our event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. More information will be available soon! 

Sincerely yours, David Frias, 32° President, OC CLC Board of Directors