From the Venerable Master – December 2012

My Brothers,

Bob McNamara, 32⁰ KCCH Venerable Master

Another year is coming to a close and the Santa Ana Valley has continued to make progress in many areas. The first and most important to the Valley is our move to the DeMolay Center is Anaheim. It is an excellent facility and we are renting it at a greatly reduced cost. Next is our decision to combine with the Long Beach Valley for our Reunion Classes. Not only do they have a beautiful facility, but we have been able to use multiple Valleys and present more than the five mandatory degrees.

Our observance of Maundy Thursday, Easter and the Feast of Tishri were done on the proper days rather than keeping them on our Stated Meeting. This was back to traditional Scottish Rite times.

Our membership has dropped by six members at this writing and is the lowest for a long time. Our efforts to interest new Masons in our Valley have paid off and I hope we will be a plus Valley next year.

Our educational program through the Master Craftsman cor-respondence course at Supreme Council has increased and we now have a number of individuals that have completed the Master Craftsman I and II courses.

Our members remain enthusiastic and positive and this has been a tremendous help to me as Venerable Master. Thank you my Brothers! I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and hope you stay well.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bob McNamara, 32⁰ KCCH

Venerable Master