The Scottish Rite – often referred to as the “College of Freemasonry” – offers an unequaled continuing education for the study of Freemasonry.

  • It expands, explains and applies the symbolism of Freemasonry.
  • It exemplifies and clarifies the truths and allegories of your Blue Lodge experience.
  • It presents the opportunity for a practical demonstration of the teachings of Freemasonry.
  • It gives one a fellowship in its literature, with some of the brightest minds and purest characters of Freemasonry.
  • It allows the Master Mason to participate in the glorious work of spreading the doctrine of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man.
  • It gives the Master Mason a greater incentive to higher thoughts and nobler deeds through greater Masonic knowledge.
  • It creates within the Master Mason a deep and abiding affection for chivalry, a greater respect of philosophy, and a endless love of the Blue Lodge.
  • It enjoins on every Brother the support of our public schools – non-partisan and non-sectarian – for our children, with equal educational opportunities for all.
  • It inculcates patriotism, love of the flag, respect for law and order and undying loyalty to constitutional government and our great nation.
  • It carries out the sublime principles of Freemasonry by supporting and maintaining our Blue Lodges promoting interest in the Fraternity.
  • It brings Brethren from our local Lodges together at frequent intervals whereby the spirit of Brotherhood and Fraternity is reflected in Excellence.

Membership / Affiliation Applications

If you are already a Mason, you may petition for Scottish Rite membership by asking a Scottish Rite Mason for a petition, or filling out the online Application for Degrees. You can find out information about our next Reunion Class on our Calendar page. So if you’re a member of another Scottish Rite Valley or wish to take the degrees of the Scottish Rite, please download our application by clicking the link below!