From the Venerable Master

Steven Bass, 32° KCCHGreetings from the Lodge of Perfection.

This month of March is a busy one, hang on to hats and don’t spill the green beer as we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Also, almost every Masonic dinner will have corned beef and cabbage. For the Stated Meeting on the 4th, dinner is Chicken Alfredo.

Our Stated Meeting this month will honor EL Bekal Shrine and their members. Call our Secretary for reservations.

The February Stated meeting had the first presentation of the Century Club pins for this year and that was highlighted by Illustrious Pete Jantz, 33⁰, receiving a silver one designating his cumulative donation of $500.

For those enrolled in the Master Craftsman program or those who are interested, were are continuing a Master Craftsman group here that will be able to teach, help, mentor and administrate the course. See Brother Charles Reeves, 32⁰ for assistance and participation in the group.

We have Maundy Thursday on March 28th which consists of extinguishing the Lights at 7PM and Easter Service on the 31st, 8 AM. Please come and join us at the DeMolay Center for these events.

See you on March 4th,

Steven Bass, 32⁰ KCCH
Venerable Master