Venerable Master

Fraternal Greetings 

The summer is knocking at our door and with that comes the celebration of St. John the Baptist Day on June 24th. As we are all taught in the first degree, lodges are dedicated to the Holy Saints John. It was also on St. John the Baptist day in 1717 that the Grand Lodge of England was formed and the modern era of Freemasonry was begun. The summer solstice represents the sun at its highest point and also, like the Baptist, signals a beginning. Where the Evangelist and the Winter Solstice represent endings. We see this theme con-stantly in Masonry of alternating beginning and endings. I encourage each of you to contemplate and meditate on this principle. 

I want to thank our Bro. Andrew Todd for organizing the speaking event we had at the last stated meeting. It was very informative and fascinating to get a glimpse into Masonry across our southern bor-der. 

So, with June, let us focus on new beginnings. We need you to talk with your brothers at your blue lodge seek out new candidates to join our ranks at the Scottish Rite. Our Fall reunion will be upon us in a few months. Remember why you made that choice of your own free will and accord. If we haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while, come on down. It is an opportunity for new beginnings. 


Mike Gowder, 32°, KCCH
Venerable Master 
Orange County Lodge of Perfection