Commander of Kadosh

Brothers: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and this being my first article as Commander of Kadosh, I thought: What better way look into Freemasonry than celebrating love? Sir Winston Churchill could not have said it better (see below). One of the best ways to make a good man better is the love of a supportive partner. Someone who can share the load or lift your spirits when it seems the world is at its darkest, is the love we all look for. Take a moment to reflect on your special someone this day and let them know what they mean to you.

For brotherly love, I give you the following song that was written in 1881 for an installation at Royal Lodge no. 643 Filey:

Brother Masons, arise, and join in the chorus,
When you hear what it is you will gladly obey;
A heart-stirring duty is present before us,
To welcome our Master on Valentine's Day. 
Una voce elected to rule us, we render
A willing consent to be under his sway;
As a proof of that feeling we all of us tender
Our “hearty good wishes” on Valentine's Day.
The jolly old Veteran he has succeeded
Has made his path easier every way;
To follow his footsteps is all that is needed
To merit our plaudits on Valentine's Day.
In “brotherly love” we each of us greet him;
For his health and his happiness all of us pray;
And when in the Lodge, 'tis our duty to meet him,
We'll hark back with pleasure to Valentine's Day.
At the end of the year, when his term shall expire,
May each of the members be able to say,
“There is not one amongst us could ever desire
A better than ruled us on Valentine's Day.”
Then raise up your voices and join in the chorus,
And let our energy loudly display
How earnest the wish, that our brother before us,
May live to see many a Valentine's Day.
©W.W. Morgan., 1880 Freemasons Chronicles Vol 13

I hope this finds all of you in good health and happiness. May brotherly love surround us today, tomorrow, and forever.

Bob White, 32°
Commander of Kadosh