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Greetings from the OC Childhood Language Center 

We are back from winter break and ready to get to work helping kids become great communicators. Every day when we arrive at the office we are so grateful for the new space and to our CLC Board for all the help they provide.  Thank you again to all Scottish Rite members for their generous support through the Holiday season!

We have several success stories to share, as the children have been making great strides in their therapy. 


Evan started attending the RiteCare CLC at age 18 months with virtually no language skills.  He showed very little eye contact when interacting with people. Thanks to the therapy sessions with the student clinicians he is now a great talker.  Evan will be graduating from the RiteCare CLC and will transition to school-district services. As you can see, he is a very loving boy with lots of eye contact.

Valerie has been with us since May of 2018 and has been  working very hard to improve her communication skills.  She has continuously progressed through her therapy goals by targeting her speech sounds.  Hooray for Valerie, another recent graduate!

We had three preschoolers who came into the RiteCare CLC within the last year with both language delays and speech sound disorders. Had these challenges not been treated, this could have caused the children to not fully participate in school and avoid social interactions with their peers. By attending the RiteCare CLC and working with our student clinicians, these three made quick gains in their communication skills and were able to graduate in December. They are now ready for school!   

Thanks for all your support.

David Frias 32° KCCH
RiteCare Childhood Language Center of Orange County

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