Commander of Kadosh, March 2020

Brothers: I welcome you to another month of being a loyal brother of our order. Whether behind the scenes or in the eye of the public we have many brothers who show their loyalty each and every day to one another. Whether it be through the Language Center, piggy banks or passing of the offering continually serving our fellow man in great and small charities shows those outside our group what it means to be a true and loyal brother.

Loyalty is a noun from the old French word loial and has a meaning of the quality of faithfulness, fidelity, fealty and allegiance. The faithfulness of so many of our brothers is what drives me to continue to do my best in any way possible. I have seen many show their fidelity and allegiance to our cause and thus gives me strength to carry on.

May this find you in strength and peace,

Bob White, 32°
Commander of Kadosh