General Secretary, March 2020

Brethren: With the busy period of the start of the year well behind us, March is a great time to rebuild your connection with the Scottish Rite. The Stated Meeting of March 2nd provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy the benefits of participation in your Valley of Orange County. This Stated Meeting begins at 6:30 pm and will be followed by dinner and a special screening of a Masonic movie. You joined the Scottish Rite to receive more light in Masonry. This special event is being presented for that express purpose. Please email or call the office to reserve your spot.

If any Brothers are unclear about their 2020 membership dues status, please email or call the office. We are still hearing from some Brothers who mailed their dues in only to have them returned in the mail due to the old address printed on the dues return form. That was an inadvertent error which is hopefully behind us. The earlier that a Brother pays his dues, the earlier he will get to enjoy all of the special programs scheduled for this year. if you have a good candidate for Scottish Rite in your Blue Lodge, please get a petition for degrees completed so we can read and vote on his petition before our May Reunion. Our initiation fee now includes enrollment and all study materials for the Master Craftsmen class which is a major bonus. We are all familiar with the ageless adage: “You get out of Masonry what you put in to it.” Now is the ideal time to maximize the return on your investment in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry..


Jamie Hopkins 32°
General Secretary