From the Editor

As you’ve likely noticed, the newsletter has a new look. I hope you find it easy to digest. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to brother Mark Hoage for setting the standard of excellence with his prior work on the newsletter and for his assistance in getting this new version up and running.

We’re trying something a little different this year, in that we’re running with a theme each month. As you’ve no doubt noticed in the articles posted by our noble authors, this month’s theme is brotherly love — the foundation upon which our fraternity is built. Hopefully you’ll have a little love to pass onto your brothers at our next meeting, this month, and throughout the year.

Calling All Writers!

You don’t have to be a head of body or a member of the line to contribute to this newsletter! If you have something to say from a masonic perspective — perhaps insights into your masonic ruminations, scholarly endeavors you’d like to share, or general news for the brethren — this newsletter is your conduit for those ideas. I encourage any and all brothers who’d like to contribute something to this newsletter to send their ideas to:

I’ll work with you on getting your article together for the next issue.


Andrew Todd, 32°
Wise Master, Chapter of Rose Croix
Editor, Director of Masonic Education