Master Craftsman Program

Attention Scottish Rite Masons!

The Orange County Scottish Rite Valley has created a Master Craftsman Study Group. This is your opportunity to enhance your understanding of the Craft, its degrees, and esoterica; and a chance to participate in true Masonic scholarship with your brothers.

The Master Craftsman Program

For those unaware, the Master Craftsman is a by-mail correspondence course. Each participant is required to do some scholarly reading in advance and complete a written quiz which is mailed to the Supreme Council for grading. As each quiz is completed, a new one is sent and the program progresses. The course consists of 7 quizzes, after completion of which the successful participant will receive a certificate and a lapel pin.

Our study group is being formed to enhance the experience through fraternal collaboration, discussion, and rumination. We will be starting our sessions at the very beginning: Master Craftsman: Symbolic Lodge and ESOTERIKA.

Meetings and Collaboration

Study sessions will be held prior to each stated meeting at the Demolay Center in Anaheim. Plan to arrive a little early, as meetings begin at 5:30PM

The Orange County Valley is delighted to make this program of Scottish Rite Masonic Education available to its brethren. We hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Getting Started and Materials Needed

To get started, you’ll need to purchase the course and a book:

If you already have a copy of Esoterika, the course is only $40. Again, the link for the course without the book is here:

Please sign up and get copies of the books as soon as possible. I will be sending out specifics on the first required readings in the near future.

To Sign Up or Get More Information
For questions or information about joining, please contact me directly:

Andrew Todd

I can tell you that the Symbolic Lodge portion of Master Craftsman is neither difficult nor time consuming. The reading is interesting and the multiple choice questions are simple. You will enjoy it and the group will be fun!

I look forward to hearing from you.