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Salve Fraters!

     The Orange County Valley Scottish Rite hosts a monthly Online Master Craftsman Study Group. This is your opportunity to learn the rich history, symbolism, and philosophy of the Craft, and a chance to participate in true Masonic scholarship with your brothers.

Study sessions will be held via zoom. Once brothers have RSVP’d to our class, study session correspondence with dates/times and Zoom links, etc. will be emailed to the group. While participants will have to read the material ahead of time, we intend to progress with these online quizzes together, reviewing our conclusions, discussing rabbit-holes, and completing each section. 

     The Master Craftsman’s “by-mail correspondence course,” has been discontinued. Supreme Council has now created a digital version of these programs online. 

Each participant is required create an online account, enroll in a course, fulfill the assigned reading from its respective textbook, and complete its corresponding quiz through the online college portal. Upon successful completion of each course, the participant will receive a certificate and a lapel pin specific to the course completed. 

*There are currently 4 Master Craftsman Programs;

  • MC Mini-Course: “Why 33?” (Online Videos)
  • MC I: Symbolic Lodge (Esoterika)
  • MC II: Scottish Rite Ritual & History (SR R Monitor & Guide & A Bridge to Light)
  • MC III: Scottish Rite Philosophy (Morals & Dogma)

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A Bridge To Light:

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Albert Pike’s Morals & Dogma:

*Supreme Council has informed us that the MC III: SR Philosophy Course will go live as an online version sometime in late July 2022. Those who are already participating in this program via the paper binder may proceed as originally intended, or, they may elect to enroll in the online version for FREE! Please continue to check the Master Craftsman College website link (above) to see this program’s inclusion in the list of courses offered. 

For more detailed information on how to enroll in these programs, please visit; and follow the step-by-step instructions for setting up your account. The walkthrough & Demo link (below) should be helpful, however, please feel free to contact us, and we will help you every step of the way!



*Please contact us BEFORE you purchase a MC program! This year, we will be electing to start with “Why 33?” and then proceeding on to MC II: Ritual & History.

*****To enroll in our OCSR Valley monthly Zoom Group, please contact me*****

James McCallion, 32° KCCH
Director of Education
(951) 987-9902 (Text Messages encouraged!)