Personal Representative

Dear Brethren: As you know, due to the COVID-19 epidemic the world is facing, our Valley has been canceling or postponing many of our activities. We have taken these drastic measures to safeguard the health of our brothers, especially our active senior members, our guests and families.

Although we all miss socializing with each other and participating in our Masonic events, tending to the care of our brethren is even more critical at this time. This is why I am asking you to please pay particular attention to the needs of our brothers, especially those who may be experiencing hardship.

If you can, make the time during your day to reach out and contact the brothers you know, and be particularly mindful of their needs, especially if you are able to deliver assistance. Whether by phone, email or text, is it very important to reach out and ask how they and their families are coping during this very difficult and unpredictable time and ask if you can in any way provide assistance.

If you are already assisting a bother with his needs, such as food delivery or home maintenance, please be mindful of and abide by the national, state, and local health restrictions.  Please follow every precaution as you provide relief. Washing your hands prior and after a food delivery or while helping around the house, as well as using hand sanitizer goes a long way in preventing the spreading of this virus. Use any type of face protection you may have available and be extremely careful especially when assisting our senior members. I am sure they will be very thankful if you take the time and perform these steps to protect their health and safety. 

As our SGIG Ill. Frank Loui has said in his latest communication:

Never forget that this is a time for us to pay particular attention to the needs of our brethren; just because we aren’t having all of our meetings doesn’t mean we stop being Masonic… While we may temporarily embrace ‘social distancing’ as a country, please remember that such precautionary measures do not release us from our Masonic obligations.

Please keep those you love safe by postponing or canceling gatherings, staying home, avoiding unnecessary travel, refraining from handshakes, staying six feet apart when interacting with others, and please remind everyone around you to wash their hands frequently. It is our responsibility as Masons to show leadership, compassion and common sense, provide as much relief as you can, and— most importantly — not be blinded by panic or hysteria. If you practice these important rules, we will all soon overcome and return to a better and safer world.

Well my bothers, the ultimate plan is to resume our activities as soon as possible, once we know it is safe for us to once again gather as brothers. But until then, please stay healthy and stay safe. If there is anything we may be able to do for you, please contact our SR Valley office.

Until we meet again.

Fraternally yours,

Ill. Frankie Rosario, 33°
Personal Representative of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General