Venerable Master, March 2020

Well, February has come and gone. I managed to not put my foot in my mouth at our first stated meeting of our new Masonic year. Thank you to all the brethren who came out for a well attended meeting that was followed by a great knighting ceremony for our newest Knight of Saint Andrew, Brother Andrew Todd! 

Looking forward, we have the El Bekal Shrine coming in for our March stated meeting, so make sure you come out for what will be a fun time followed by a movie in the dining room for a little extended social time with your brethren. 

This month Bro. Todd challenged us to weave in a story of loyalty in the theme of our articles. And I thought it appropriate to shine a light on another Brother of ours who has always been a great example of loyalty to me. Bro. Shaun McCuen. Bro. McCuen and I have had a long journey in Masonry. He, like my previous example of Wes Green, was also a candidate that I coached through his first three degrees at Orange Grove Lodge. It’s been my privilege to watch him grow in Masonry and through a sincere friendship, he has always shown me that he’s one of the greatest examples of loyalty. His enthusiasm for the work we do in the degrees of the Scottish Rite, his willingness to move heaven and earth to make things happen. He has always been nothing but a true and loyal Brother, not only to me, but to all of you as well. And we all owe him a debt of gratitude for all he does for our Valley. So thank you, Bro. McCuen, you are a good and true friend and a loyal Brother to us all.

James Cervantes, 32º 
Venerable Master
Director of The Work