Personal Representative

Greetings my brothers

As you all know, our Valley hosted a wonderful event for our ladies, families and friends, on March 23rd, at the DeMolay Center. This was our very first Ladies’ event and the theme was Digi-tal and Traditional Scrapbooking. Everyone came to have a great time and work on memorializing their most special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, vacations and more. To help our ladies, experienced instructors were available with materials and ideas, all to make our scrapbook-ers achieve great results. 

Our organizer for this event brought everyone up to date with the latest techniques and information on what is hap-pening in the scrapbooking world. It certainly was a treat for all of us in attendance. 

For everyone who loves scrapbooking as much as our ladies do, one of their favorite things is to get together with their friends and work on their invaluable books. Social interaction, artistic inspiration, and friendly collaboration, as well as a time to be productive, was all part of this great experience. 

The nature of scrapbooking is usually a lengthy process. The effort of plan-ning and packing up your supplies works only if you get a chance at a large block of uninterrupted scrap time, which we were able to provide to our ladies. And to make things even better, we had tables where die-cut machines, Cricuts, and other larger tools were available for use during the event. 

Each lady was able to work on her albums, but no gathering is complete without a nice place and some kind of food. So, we took the opportunity to pamper our ladies with a large and comfortable environment, a nice lunch and enjoyable dinner. 

If your lady missed this event, have no worries, as we are planning another day full of fun in October. More information will follow soon. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call. 

Fraternally yours, 

Frankie Rosario, 32° K.C.C.H. 
Personal Representative of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in California