Venerable Master

Well, my Brothers… we made it. A quick thank you to our installing team of Ill. Frank Loui, 33º S.G.I.G. for California, Ill. John Heisner, 33º and our own Ill. Ray Godeke, 33º for the honor of their work at our installation ceremony! It was great seeing so many friendly faces to welcome a new Masonic year for our Valley! 

And speaking of thank you’s and what not: Since it is February and love is in the air, a special nod to all of our partners who support us as we all make our way along our own Masonic journeys. 

Now for a little Brotherly Love and another thank you. I have always personally been so appreciative of the nature of Freemasonry, where men of all walks of life, of every race and religion, can dwell together in harmony and friendship through our shared experiences. Today we’ll look at one journey. A shared journey. In 2011 I was a new Master Mason at my home lodge in Orange, CA. I had barely given my third proficiency return when they suggested “You were good at that, you should be a coach!” So I said okay. Not two months later, I was given my first Candidate. Bro. Wes Green, 32º. I think we were both scared half to death at the time. He, being new to Masonry, English was no

t his first language (Wes was born Wisam Hussain in Baghdad, Iraq), me, the fresh Candidate Coach. We started our journey together there. Me, explaining the ways we work in Masonry. Wes, full of questions, the guy was an absolute sponge for knowledge both linguistically and in the Masonic sense. 

We got through Wes’ first three degrees in Blue Lodge and it was about this time that I, along with several other Brethren from Orange Grove Lodge joined the Valley of Santa Ana (now Orange County). Immediately Wes’ interests were piqued by my new excitement in the Scottish Rite. Not long after, Wes joined our Valley and immediately set on a path of service that I have always admired so much. He always viewed his work in the degrees as not only a way to learn, but most importantly, a way to improve himself as a person. 

Sadly, I got an e-mail I never wanted to receive. (Don’t worry, Wes is okay!) Wes and his family moved to Michigan for work in late December. The impact of his move is one that all of our new Candidates from now on will feel, whether they know it or not. His drive and dedication was so essential to our Reunions and his loss will be nearly irreplaceable. So I just wanted to take a moment to share with all of you what a lovely human being Wes Green is and how much he contributed to this Valley. His work and dedication is something we should all strive to emulate in our Masonic endeavors. Thank you, Wes. 

James Cervantes, 32º 
Venerable Master
Director of The Work