A Message from the General Secretary – November 2018


The holiday season starts this month and is a busy time for all of us. Right now in early November, our Supreme office is sending out dues reminders for 2019 and prior years outstanding dues. If you are already fully paid up through 2019, you will not receive a notice. Otherwise, you should be receiving them in the mail soon. Supreme uses a cutoff date to check payments received close to the mailing date. If you receive a dues notice and you know that you are paid through 2019, please call the office and we will gladly help you.

Congratulations to all of our Brothers who participated in the Fall Reunion. The ritual work was uniformly superb. If you haven’t attended a Reunion recently, make a strong effort to watch degrees at the Spring Reunion in 2019. It will be a rewarding experience reconfirming why you became a Scottish Rite Mason. We welcomed 2 new Brothers as Masters of the Royal Secret. They are Brother Jose Rivera 32° and Brother Nicolai Lacson 32°. These new Brothers will be receiving their caps and rings at our Ceremony at the dinner following our stated meeting on November 5th. Please make a point of attending this event and meeting our new Brothers.

May you and your families have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Jamie Hopkins 32°
General Secretary